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Футбол на Новости футбола России и Европы онлайн, Евро кубки и чемпионаты Live Рейтинг Яндекс цитирования

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Спартак : The Union, Flint's crew, Simple Boys, Strong Active Group, Gladiators Firm, Wild Boars, Red-White Devils Band, Mad Butchers, ClockWork Oranges, Opposition, Aliens, North-West Side, Fox Crew, Smart Service, Clench Fist, Avantguard, Tooks, Hard Gang, I.C, Evil Crew

Red-Blue Warriors, Kids, Yaroslavka, Gallant Steeds, Shady Horses, N-Troop, Zarya, Jugends, Hunters, Stallions, No Comments

Зенит :
Beagle Boys, Brigadiers, Snake Firm, Jolly Nevsky, Coalition, North Bastion, Malice Crew, Gremlins, British firm, Music Hall

Динамо :
Patriots, Out Terraces Firm, Capitals, Top Lads, Crazy Garbages , Crazy Footballers , Gorky Front 97

Локомотив :
BHZ, Street Band, Trains Team, Mad Dobermans Firm, Steam Engines, Vikings, Ultra Loko, Real Trains Firm

Торпедо :
West 5 Action Group, Supporters Group, Tubes, Showtime, Blusters, Troublemakers, S.P.F(young W5AG)

Крылья Советов :
The Shadows Firm,T.O.Y.S.,North Side Firm,Young Rats , United Rats

Спартак НН :
The Gorky Hooligans, N'Style

ФК Орел :
Orel Butchers, Jockers

Рубин :
Cage Crew , Flash Mob , United South Front

Кубань : Green Mile , Южный Легион

Сибирь : Mad Fliers

Чкаловец-1936 : Novosibirsk Support Crew

: S13 , Perm Sity Pride

Сатурн : Saturn Hooligans Fans , 46km

Ростов : Wild Legion

Шинник : East Side , Cardinals-Tula , White Smile Yaroslavl , Mob 213

Ротор : Mjollnir firm , Hostile firm , Rebels Fan Group
Категория: Список фирм | Добавил: fanat-chp (22.04.2008)
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